Happy 2nd Birthday, Songs of Praise, London!

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
October 31, 2013
6:01 a.m.

The UK’s best gay pop night, Songs of Praise at London’s East Bloc, celebrate their 2nd birthday this weekend. I’ll be there for GuySpy, giving away swag and special birthday vodka shots! I spoke to promoter and founder Seth Stromboli, about what’s in store this weekend…

DH: Congratulations on your 2nd birthday guys! What do you think makes people keep coming back to Songs of Praise?

SS: Thanks! It’s been a super-fun two years! I think people like Songs of Praise for a combination of two things. First and foremost we just play great music (without any DJ snobbery). We play what we like and what our crowd wants to hear – pop music that you can dance to all night long (until 6am!)

The second reason is the crowd. We’re really lucky with our party-goers – they are all people that just want to have fun, meet new people and dance to their favourite pop songs. Everyone is welcome and included.


DH: How would you describe the vibe and music to a first-timer?

SS: The vibe is fun, friendly and most often sweaty… We do like to work up a sweat on the dance floor. As for the music, it’s high end pop on the main floor and various styles in the other rooms: R&B, dance, disco, indie – we’ve had it all over the last 2 years. Bar Techno, we don’t do techno! *laughs*

DH: You’ve got tons going on this weekend – I don’t know where to start! Give us some highlights!

SS: Well, we’ve got an exclusive DJ set from Jess and Asami from über-cool girl group Neon Jungle. It’s their first outing as DJs so we’re all really excited. We also have The Good Natured doing an 80s inspired set which will be really cool. We’ve also got an R&B/Hip Hop room hosted by Grindr Boys… now it’s gonna get HOT in there! And of course The Sugalow Boys, David Oh, Neil Prince and myself will be there.

DH: You’re all about Pop and pop mixes… who is your dirtiest Pop secret?

SS: We don’t really have pop secrets… if its good and you can dance to it we’ll play it. We love everything from Girls Aloud to Icona Pop. But but no “cheese,” we don’t do “cheese”!

DH: Erm… You don’t think Girls Aloud and Icona Pop are cheese?

SS: *laughs* Now, now, we LOVE Girls Aloud! As for Icona Pop *sings* “I don’t care, I love it!” *winks*


DH: Who would you most like to come down to do a PA?

SS: Robyn would be amazing, Nicola Roberts would be cool, Roisin Murphy would be super awesome. Madonna, hehe, maybe not – but imagine Madge rocking up at East Bloc!

DH: Should I dress up Halloweeny?

SS: There’s not a Halloween theme as such for this event, but go for it… we’re all about self-expression and people being who they are OR whoever they want to be!

DH: What does the fox say?

SS: *raises eyebrow*

DH: Oh alright. Thanks Seth!


Songs of Praise 2nd birthday is at East Bloc, 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN London

10.30PM TO 6AM / £5 B4 MIDNIGHT, £10 AFTER

Join the facebook event list here 


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