Happy Birthday, Naked Boys Reading!

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
October 2, 2013
9:29 a.m.


Naked Boys Reading, one of East London’s quirkiest, sexiest and indeed thought-provoking nights, celebrated their first birthday last week, and I was there to lap up the crazy combo of cock and culture.

Hosted at Vogue Fabrics, this was my first visit to the legendary underground, basement space – I only found it by following a trickle of handsome, bearded gays through the very inconspicuous door. Make sure you have the right address before you set off.

Vogue Fabrics has the vibe of a secret rave at that cool guy at school’s house, mixed with an old-fashioned social club and a sprinkling of New York basement party. But very East London gay, in the best possible way, with cheap drinks and a distinct lack of assholism.

NBR crowd 2

Get there early if you want a seat – on one of the benches, perched in a corner or sitting on a rug on the floor. This is a cozy, friendly, intimate gig where you’re more than likely to strike up a friendship with the guy sat squeezed between your legs.


Hostess Sharon Husbands

Hostess Sharon Husbands was in sparkling form, passing around birthday cake to anyone brave enough to have a taste. There were four readers, each with a totally different personality, body and style of reading.

First up was Eddie Peake, reading a challenging, but sometimes hilarious excerpt about a boy who threatened to kill himself at every tennis game he played.


Eddie Peak

Second came the beardy, booming, thespian talents of James Stanley Thomas, with a mix of readings including Shakespeare and Equus.


James Stanley Thomas

Third up was tattooed hottie Billy Black, with a collection of truly filthy poems by Robert Burns, including a hilarious one with the line: “On her c*nt there grows nae hair.”




Billy Black

Thomas Wade Nicholls finished off by reading a fab story about a gay boy outwitting his straight school mates to strip for him – re-positing himself periodically to reveal different parts of his perfectly formed body. This man is ginge-lovers heaven. His meaty butt will be burnt into my mind for a long time to come. Hopefully.


Thomas Wade Nicholls

There were birthday giveaways with sexy jockstraps (used and fresh) being flung periodically into the crowd – some of whom got naked too, just for the hell of it.


The night got more raucous with each reader and each downed drink, with the party continuing into the night with a very naughty birthday photo booth that had to be seen to be believed…

Check out the Naked Boys Reading facebook page

Next event: last Thursday of November (28th)

 Photos by Vanek London


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