Hot To Survive A Break Up And Move On (Gifs)

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
March 2, 2014
10:02 p.m.

So it’s happened, you have recieved a text from your boyfriend saying “we need to talk” and you just know what’s coming.



At first you are probably freaking out. Maybe even a little angry.



But you need to calm down.

fucking chill out

Try not to let it stew too much until you actually have a conversation with him.


And then when you see him try to act natural.


He will probably give you some bullshit break up line.


And you will want to be like..

Shut up


But instead you should probably just take it.

julie andrews

Then act like you aren’t even bothered.

Harry Don't care

Even though on the inside you’re all like..

angry brush


And don’t you dare offer to be his FWB.


Then go home and let out your rage in private.


Maybe even make a rage tweet or two.

anger inside

Feel free to even eat your feelings.

I got dumped

Your friends will give you advice and you probably won’t want to hear it.

saying shit

But soon enough it will be time to get back out there.

Robin Sex


Maybe even get dressed up.

as good as it gets


You could even try flirting with someone cute.

flirt face

Who knows things might actually go somewhere.

tina flirting

You could maybe even invite him over to see if you connect.

Flirt as if

Tell him he’s cute.


And if that doesn’t work, there’s always GuySpy!

demi wink


Who knows who you could meet online!

Wanna Cyber?


Inactive User
Inactive User
6 years, 3 months ago

Haha this made me feel so much better. Finally parted ties with an on and off ex of 5 years and trust me after a good laugh (from this) I feel honestly better and now ready to venture back out into the world and see where it goes! Thank you <3