HRC Photos: Sexy Crowd Turns It Up For Change At HRC Bash!

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November 25, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Jeffrey James Keyes

W Hotels recently partnered with HRC and Jennifer Hudson for Third Thursdays, a monthly Turn it Up For Change cocktail networking series joining in the nationwide fight for LGBT equality. DJ Ridge, Chelsee Under-Pier, Alan Picus, Justin Luke, and welcomed a handsomely dressed crowd to the Living Room at W New York – Times Square. W Hotels around the country are stepping up to host monthly music events to raise funds to the HRC. While Jennifer Hudson didn’t stop by she has promised a portion of the proceeds from downloads of her forthcoming “I Still Love You” remix single to the HRC on behalf of Turn it Up For Change.

Photography by Jeffrey James Keyes

HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes01 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes02 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes03 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes04 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes05 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes06 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes07 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes08 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes09 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes10 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes11 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes12 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes13 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes14 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes15 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes16 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes17 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes18 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes19 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes20 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes21 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes22 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes23 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes24 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes25 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes26 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes27 HRC-W-Hotels-by-JJ-Keyes28

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