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Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
January 17, 2013
10:11 p.m.

If you’ve got a bit of the January Blues and you can’t really be bothered to get your ass out of bed and dress yourself up for partying, a new club night in London may well have the answer. Little Gay Brother presents…’ are having a Slumber Party in East London’s super-cool music and art venue Dalston Superstore this Saturday (19th January).

The guys behind the party know how to have a good time and then some, with international DJ & producer Terry Vietheer, model and DJ Chris Camplin, dominatrix Precious, and the Unicorn (also know as Clayton Wright, the presenter of the Main Stage at the UK’s arguably best festival Bestival and host at Secret Garden Party). Here’s a snippit from their facebook page:

“You’re invited into our bed, but it’s definitely not to sleep! It’s time to strip down and slip into those sexy pajamas Santa bought you for Dalston Superstore’s first Slumber Party (just a warning, a few of us sleep naked)!”

I caught up with the devilishly handsome Clayton Wright (see above Unicorn), ironically, while still in my PJs myself…

DH: So where did the idea of a Slumber Party come from?

CW: Well it’s cold outside and the sexist and hottest place in January is always at home in bed. So we’re turning Dalston Superstore into a massive bedroom. With hot boys and girls in PJs and amazing DJs spinning sexy beats you’ll want to cop off to. We’re going to have an orgy of music and fun, just like our festival venues. Anything goes in bed!

DH: Do you think people will rock up with their PJs and slippers?

CW: Yeah of course but what I’m really looking forward to is boys in Long Johns. Oh and of course finding out if anyone is brave enough to sleep naked…

DH: What are your tips for looking sexy in bed-wear?

CW: Be confident in whatever you wear. Commit to a look and show people you are not afraid in bed.  Show some skin… but personally for me, not too much. Less is more. Tease us. And lastly, show us your ‘come to bed eyes’!

DH: My PJs are missing a few buttons. Will I get into trouble?

CW: That depends. Are they the top half or bottom half? If they’re the bottom half I’m guessing you’re looking for trouble… *winks*

Little Gay Brother presents... was started in the summer of 2012 and produced Secret Garden Party’s 1st gay venue ‘The Coming Out Bar’. They climbed into bed with Bearded Kitten, the award winning festival collective to create a new alternative festival experience that has been so successful that they’re now in demand across the festival circuit in the UK and beyond.

Music comes in the form of a DJ set from the awesome Bright Light, Bright Light who opened for the Scissor Sisters on their last tour (check out the GuySpy interview with Bright Light Bright Light here), Legendary DJ Severino of Horse Meat Disco… (he’s not linked to the Tesco burger scandal, don’t worry) and David Oh (Songs of Praise). No LGBpresents… event would be complete without a set from the resident DJs Terry Vietheer and Chris Camplin, enticing people to the dance floor. In their PJs and slippers, obviously. Can one dance in slippers? I can’t dance much anyway, so it might be a good excuse. And there’ll be no reason why you can’t have minty breath for kissing all those boys if you’ve got your toothbrush handy. It might be a good idea, God knows where you’ll wake up…

In Bed With Little Gay Brother Presents… is at Dalston Superstore, East London, 19th January

Little Gay Brother Presents… facebook page:

Clayton Wright’s (The Unicorn) website:



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