Music Guyd: The Young Professionals Suit Up

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

December 11, 2012
4:23 p.m.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the very charming members of an Israeli electro pop band, the Young Professionals. Ivri Lider, the lead singer, is one of the top selling musicians in the Middle East and has recently joined Johnny Goldstein to create something entirely new on the music front.

If you crave a creative celebration of deep topics that will have you dancing, crying, and getting all sentimental, then this is the band for you. When asked how they would describe their listeners, Lider said with a smile, “Our listeners are someone who is looking for some kind of meaning to their music.”

Their music is exactly that.

When asked what they hope to accomplish through their songs, Lider said, laughing, “World peace?” However, realizing the difficulties of accomplishing such a task, he continued speaking. “That would be lovely, but I don’t think we can actually do this. To be honest, for us, everything happened pretty fast. We [are] moving forward and reaching new audiences all the time. We get to know people from all over the world, reaching to talk to us from many different countries. We never actually thought that someone will know our music, you know? Which is super cool because when that happens you understand how far you can go and you can meet people and you can [have a] discussion with them. Everybody today comes from somewhere but we all speak the same language. We just want to meet more and more people and play more and more venues all over the world.”

Lider is in fact gay, as are four of the six members of the group. However, when asked how their sexuality influences their music, he shrugged it off, saying, “You know, for us it’s very natural. It’s who we are.”

The new single, “Be with You Tonight,” is a catchy combination of excellent vocals and house-style backup beats. The video, however, begs the listener to give it a second thought and analyze what the song really means. When I asked what the video was intended to convey, Lider said that ultimately it’s about missing someone so much that the simplest things can remind you of them. The objects within the video, matches, photographs, etc, are reminders of the person. You can be so incredibly happy and still “nothing would be better than to be in bed with the person you love.”

The video is strange, to say the least, but it is beautiful. They never intended on anyone understanding it right out of the gate, but the more you watch it the more it begins to all make sense.

The Young Professionals are some of the nicest boys you will ever meet. They are intelligent and have this really cool look about them. Their fashion sense is very Paris inspired, as they have a huge influence across France and Europe. They also have sexy Hebrew accents that sets them apart from the rest.

Lider said his favourite part of making music is “being able to do my hobby for a job.” And it shows! Their lyrics are so genuine and thought-out that you can feel the effort and emotion that went into it.

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