Introducing San Francisco’s Beauty and Grooming Guru, Evan Kaminsky

Evan Kaminsky
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Evan Kaminsky

January 18, 2011
3:43 p.m.

Hello my brothers, sisters and those yet to decide!

I am so excited to have been chosen as your Guyd to Men’s Grooming. I kinda feel like the Carrie Bradshaw of San Francisco, even though I’m no longer a size 6, and I couldn’t afford, let alone fit a jimmy choo sling back on my women’s 12 foot, but nonetheless, I can be just as fabulous in my own right.

I was born in Palm Springs, California in the summer of ’76, when there was no public gay life, only one grocery store stayed open in the 115 degree summers and childrens feet were as calloused as Fred Flintsones’! Fortunately, my parents are very worldly and cultured, a perfect environment for a young queerling to grow up in. I have two older, straight, brothers, one a photographer and the other an actor, I was bound to find myself an artistic career. I started out dreaming of being an actor as well, performing in everything I could get cast in. While performing in these shows, I had the opportunity to learn and master theatrical makeup techniques. In college I studied both theatrical performance and makeup and I was also a fabulous Drag Queen Faye Lasheo! So when looking for work, I used my basic knowledge of makeup to help me get a job in the cosmetics industry. Through working with companies such as MAC and Benefit Cosmetics, I was able to teach myself and later master beauty makeup. In 2001 I was ready to go into business for myself. Oui, Three Queens Productions was born establishing me as one of San Francisco’s top makeup artists. Although I enjoyed my makeup career, I felt the need to add to my repitoir, so I went to beauty school and got my Esthetics license. I then expanded my practice to include facials, waxing and body treatments. As I continued to transition, I started to realize that there was a lack of estheticians that actually worked on men,(that didn’t work for a happy ending) especially below the belt! I figured, I have no problems what so ever staring at nutsacks, cocks and assholes all day…in fact I quite enjoy it! So I took the Man…er Bull by the Horn…er Horns and dove in head first! (I didn’t dive in THERE, dirty!) I am now San Francisco’s Beauty and Grooming Guru and expert on men’s waxing, Always leaving clients with a happy ending (minus the “happy ending”).

Now that you know a bit about me, you can expect some modern, informative, yet entertaining blogs in the near future. I also encourage you all to write me with your questions and I will be very happy to respond. I’ll even post the question and answer on a future blog!

Remember….”You’re Pretty….I’ll Make You Flawless!!!”


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Ken Bryan (Guest)
9 years, 3 months ago

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