James Franco Is Going To Have A 3Some With Zach Quinto And Charlie Carver!

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November 26, 2014
6:00 a.m.


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Back in August, James Franco posted a photo of himself and Zachary Quinto and Charlie Carver on Facebook with the caption: “BOOM! Welcome to our Boys Spaceship! Blast off!!!!”

Well, now it seems we know what all the explosions were about. Marc Malkin reports that not only do Quinto and Franco play lovers in Michael, the film about based on Michael Glatze by Benoit Denizet-Lewis, but now Carver is a third in their bedroom shenanigans.

“They first meet in a club. The music is pumping. It’s the ’80!” a source tells Malkin. “When Charlie’s character questions Franco about having a boyfriend, Franco says, ‘He’d like you, too.’ ” Then they cut to a bedroom where the three are naked, intertwined and “kissing,” the source reveals. “You see their asses.”

Carver, who plays Franco’s ex in the film, is best known as one-half of the sexy twin duo that starred on Teen Wolf. He played gay character Ethan, and he had ‘fun’ sex scenes. So, yeah, you see why all that butt talk has people interested. But the social media explosion has been going on for months prior. Franco has posted Instagram messages about Out100 honoree Quinto, such as theone with the note: “I miss Quinto.” And during the Tony Awards ceremony telecast, Quinto showed himself halfway dressed since they were filming scenes for Michael during the live ceremony where his costars were nominated for the Broadway show The Glass Menagerie, in which he played the gay character.

Directed and co-written by Justin Kelly and produced by Gus Van Sant, Michael also stars Emma Roberts, and Chris Zylka (of The Leftovers and Kaboom) plays one of his exes. And if we know Franco, be on the lookout for more social media explosions related to this one…

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