John Travolta Grants Rare Interview On Gay Sex Allegations

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September 17, 2014
5:59 a.m.

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No gay rumor is perhaps more widely accepted than John Travolta and the infamous massage therapists. It seems everyone has an opinion on the actor’s proclivities no matter how many steps removed by pop culture they may be.

Hell, we even ran a piece called Yo, John Travolta, it’s time to come out and here are six reasons why.

That was after a particularly juicy story involving a pilot formerly employed by John Travolta’s aircraft company Alto hit The National Enquirer (of all places), and the media went berserk.

John Travolta is characteristically tight-lipped over the allegations, but he recently answered questions regarding the “sex stuff” (his words) in an interview with The Daily Beast. Here’s what he had to say:

Right now, there’s this pending lawsuit from a man who claims to be your former pilot about a romantic relationship. What’s the deal with that?

John Travolta: This is every celebrity’s Achilles heel. It’s just about people wanting money. That’s all. It happens on many levels.

You are a high-profile figure, and as such, it seems like you get targeted a lot more than anyone else with these types of allegations.

John Travolta: Also, I don’t care that much about it. Other people may attack it back more than I do, but I let all the media stuff go a long time ago because I can’t control it. I think that’s why it persists, to some degree.

Do you find it offensive?

John Travolta: I found it most offensive with the loss of my son. I felt like that was the lowest I’d ever felt. Sex stuff is always going to be interesting to somebody, but you stay away from family. You really should. With that, I always felt like the media—not all of the media, but parts of it—went too low there.

Gay or not, it’s almost like, you know, he’s a person with actual feelings or something.

Other notable tidbits from the interview: he actually thinks Battlefield Earth is a “good movie,” he was James Gandolfini’s inspiration to get into acting, and Tarantino chose him over Daniel Day Lewis for the iconic role in Pulp Fiction (which came out 20 years ago, just to make you feel old).

You can read the full interview here.

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