Kflay: Possibly The Best Indie Music To Fuck To

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
September 6, 2014
6:00 a.m.

903714_10151423279208842_1547361952_o-1024x1024Since moving to Montreal for the summer with Taylor it’s been a bit of a crazy ride for the two of us. I mean let’s be totally real here, there is nothing hotter then French Canadian boys especially in the summer time. This city has two pride events and a big fetish festival so if you’re not getting laid while you’re here the  you’re doing something wrong.

One of my goals while here was to start discovering some truly epic music, and not just indie shit but everything from Ultraviolence
to FKA Twigs. My most recent find has been KFlay who more then clearly has been created for chill nights, high times, and awesome sex. So many genre’s can be the recipe for a great hook up, it’s all about creating the right vibe and letting the album take you on a journey for two (or more if you’re into that). The new album by Kflay, My Life As A Dog, is literally the best thing I have heard this entire summer. Every lyric is a strong enough to cut to the heart of some heavy subject matter while still being super upbeat and even easy listening. However, what Kflay has done that is particularly awesome is her album actually follows the perfect arch for sex. My Life As A Dog starts slow and picks up in the middle and ends with an awesome cuddle and sweet kisses song. If you haven’t fucked to this album with a 420 friend of bottle of Jim Beam then put it on your hitlist for this weekend. The whole thing is available for stream on her soundcloud and just below. As a total side note all her other shit is like amazing too, and almost all of it you can stream for free on her page.

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