Krewella Gets Wet For GuySpy: Our Exclusive Interview

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

October 25, 2013
7:46 a.m.


Krewella’s music has gone viral; you can’t scroll for two seconds on Tumblr without seeing a picture of their smiling faces doing crazy-ass shit. The two wild sisters have this electric personality that makes you want to party with them while their band mate, “Rain Man,” plays the sexy silent type. What I love the most about this gang is their ability to mix dubstep with EDM and keep a poppy polish. They are not confined by one genre. I was so pumped to interview Yasmine and ask her about everything from sisterhood to tour life to advice for the underdogs.

On their name.

It’s something that my sister thought up literally seven years ago. It was a really long time ago and it was just at the beginning stages of us making music. It was definitely not inspired by 101 Dalmatians; sorry to burst that bubble. She just goes with her gut and she never thought anything of it.

On getting wet.

We have a slogan: “making you wet one song at a time.” Overtime, “get wet” became something that we stood for because it gained meaning. As we started playing shows about three years ago it sort of morphed into a physical get wet. We were so sweaty after our shows and we had given our whole hearts into the show. We were so sweaty but that’s what showed for how much we gave on stage. It also became the figurative meaning of “get wet” Everything we do is all about losing your inhibitions and getting wet and jumping free. “Get wet” is kind of a combination of everything we stand for.

On living with her sister.

We’ll probably always live together. Always have, always will. It’s the best. We are very close with our families. It’s really sad to be away from them and to be experiencing all of these amazing and wonderful things in our lives and not being able to share them with our family. But then we look on the bright side, and that we have each other. That’s the coolest thing. I mean, we fight, everyone always asks us, “Do you fight?” Of course, we are in a business together, we are putting our hearts on the line, and you are always going to have conflict. But in the end it’s never anything that we would ever break up over. I honestly don’t think we would ever break up because we have just such a strong bond. And Chris has become like a brother to us. It goes both ways.

On humble beginnings.

We actually all moved in to this loft in downtown Chicago and it was kind of a shitty loft. There were no appropriate rooms to build a studio except this one closet. It didn’t even have a door on it but Chris and Nathan spent hours putting up all of this sound proof foam all around the walls and on the doors and that’s really where we recorded the entire EP and some of “Get Wet.” I loved that little closet. It was a really inspiring place. I had that little vocal room to run to when I needed to be completely alone. I sometimes wish I could go back there, to bring all that inspiration back. It was such a beautiful place.

On tour life.

So many crazy things have happened on tour. It’s a spectrum of good and bad; we have had everything! I remember this one show in Rhode Island. We had been touring for two and a half years. We were playing “Killin’ It” and Chris gets on the mic and says, “I want everybody to get on stage.” Then as many people as possible, half the crowd, bum rushed the stage and we had this giant dance party. It’s one of the most memorable moments of our entire career thingy. There were all these kids and they weren’t worried about what they looked like. They were all on stage with us. They didn’t care, they just wanted to have a good time. It was one of the most euphoric moments at a show. Just being surrounded by people in the music.

I love the idea of music being a saviour and the one thing that brings people to life.

Advice for the underdog.  

My first advice would be know what you want going into the music making process. We went through so many phases of what sort of music we wanted to make. When we finally landed on what was to be our first releases. Go with your gut and know that what you’re doing is what you really love. This industry is full of sharks, full of really bad people and full of really good people. Just know that it’s not a walk in the park. It’s not going to be “I’m just going to sit down and do what I love today, and I’m going to make it.” It’s so much more then that. It really tests your will and your strength as a person. Maybe I am not so strong on my own but I am strong with Jahan and Chris at my side. Just know that you are doing what you love because it’s hard, it’s really, really hard. It’s hard to take criticism. It’s even hard for me thinking about our second album. It’s the most overwhelming feeling in the world to know that we will have to top what we have just done. The whole thing is a constant test of your will, but it’s so much fun and I get to do it with my best friends.

It’s so worth it in the end if you’re really doing it for love!


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