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February 25, 2011
1:05 p.m.

by Stephen Kelly, GuySpy Pop Culture Blog

Aussie songbird/diva/icon is back in a big way as she opened her highly anticipated ‘Aphrodite – Les Folies’ tour this week in Denmark to rave reviews.

The show, which takes a mythological Greek theme and comes, of course, jammed with Kylie hits past and present, was praised by writer Bernard Zuel in the Sydney Morning Herald as “… her most spectacular, with technical and physical elements that leave you gaping.”

Pics of the event show an Acropolis of massive props, water fountains, acrobats, synchronized swimmers, dancers in Greek solider garb and Kylie’s trademark wardrobe, designed by Dolce and Gabana. An audience interactive ‘splash zone’ closes the show.

Check out the video below for some of the highlghts of opening night.

The “Aprhodite – Les Folies” tour takes her to big venues throughout Europe and Japan through April, a highlight being a five night stint at London’s O2 Arena in April. Her North American tour opens in Montreal on April 28.

North American fans can expect to see a scaled-down version of the European tour, but for those who witnessed her 2009 inaugural tour of the States can attest, the girl knows how to do a lot with very little. Unfortunately, the “splash zone” won’t be available for American audiences, a victim of smaller theater spaces.

Kylie’s obviously relishing being back in the spotlight, and she’s been opening up in recent interviews about Gaga, Vegas, adoption, and, of course, all things Kylie.

Kylie expresses admiration for Lady Gaga, and she told the Daily Mirror newspaper that the long-vaulted visual and fashion elements of her live shows were an influence on Gaga.

“I set the benchmark for Gaga. We’ve done it before, with all our creative shows, and now the new artists are following us. She inspires me and I love what she does. But we’ve done it before.

“I had the Aphrodite theme and no one has done that before. Think outside the box is what I do, and that’s what keeps it fresh for me. I set the benchmark and now I can’t wait to see what the new talent will do next.”

But the ‘All The Lovers’ singer also admitted that Gaga comparisons irritate her, especially when it comes to stage costumes. Minogue, who has been accused of mimicking Gaga’s on-stage look, told the Toronto Sun that the two stars are “totally different.”

Still, La Minogue states that the comparisons irk her. “Of course it does. I think she’s amazing, but she’s a totally different artist to me.

“Back in the day, I was accused of copying Madonna – but my approach is very different (to hers). If I wear something very sexy, it’s usually slightly tongue in cheek. We all have our own thing and mine seems to be hot pants… I couldn’t (ditch hot pants) even if I tried, because they are always put in the designs.”

Adding fuel to the Gaga/Kylie fire is the latest report from that Lady’s Gaga ‘Born This Way’ album cover bears a striking resemblance to Kylie’s 2007 ‘2 Hearts’ release. It’s hard to deny the similarities, but you be the judge.

In other Kylie news, the diva states that once she hits Sin City in late May, she’s like to stay in Vegas with a residency, and she thinks her new stage show is perfect. She told The Daily Mirror: “I’ve got my Las Vegas show right here. We’ve been talking about it, so if I do a residency I definitely have the show for it. It’s crazy. I definitely can’t top this one.”

Kylie also reveals that she is thinking of adopting or surrogacy as a way to have a child. The singer, 42, has long expressed concerns about conceiving after her battle with breast cancer. Now in her fifth year of remission, Kylie has been involved with Spanish model Andres Velencoso for the last three years.

Asked whether she would ever think about surrogacy or adoption, Minogue told Britain’s Grazia magazine: ”I do think about them and I would absolutely look into those options because children and family are very important to me. It’s something in my mind.

”I would really love to be a mother, but I just don’t think it can ever happen. After everything I’ve been through – the treatment for breast cancer – I may not actually be able to conceive.”

Good to know! It’s great having Kylie back in the news and yakking up a storm. Be sure to follow all the latest in Kylie news right here!


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