L.A. Hunks Promote HIV Equal

Staff Guyd
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Staff Guyd

December 18, 2013
6:43 p.m.

HIV awareness is serious business, so what better way to promote getting tested than to show some major hunks who know their status.


Here’s a statement from the organization:

HIV Equal (www.HIVequal.org) is an all-inclusive anti-stigma and HIV testing initiative sponsored by World Health Clinicians (www.worldhealthclinicians.org). The campaign and health initiative are acutely aware that HIV affects everyone, but after the most recent shoot in Los Angeles–the city of beautiful people–there was an abundance of uber sexy men supporting the campaign.


The HIV Equal crew photographed and tested fabulous celebrities, artists and politicians throughout the course of a week. To date, HIV Equal has photographed and tested over 300 people in the last two months and the campaign is taking off like wildfire.


Since the launch on October 14, 2013, HIV Equal has received more than 2,600 Twitter followers @HIVEqual and over 2,000 Facebook “Likes”www.Facebook.com/HIVequal, and a rapidly growing fan base on Instagram (HIVequal). They were even awarded the title of “Best new HIV campaign” for 2013 by Healthline after less than 60 days in operation.


“All the buzz and excitement is extremely promising,” noted World Health Clinicians’ Executive Director, Scott Gretz. “We know that stigma is a huge hurdle we need to overcome in order to get people tested for HIV and to dramatically decrease transmission rates. We look forward to taking HIV Equal all over the country and reigniting the national conversation about HIV. The epidemic is NOT over.”


The models in this post were all photographed in Los Angeles by Thomas Evans. Go here for more information. 



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