Music Guyd: Falling for Lykke Li

Connor Sobolik
Authored by
Connor Sobolik

November 7, 2012
12:19 a.m.

Lykke Li is a Swedish pop musician with a daring sound and a bewitching demeanour. With a face that mimics that of an Olsen twin and a style that has no real parallel, she is taking on the North American music scene. Having just won Best Artist and Best Album at The Swedish Grammys, it’s only a matter of time before she is climbing the Billboard Charts.

Aggravated by the avarice of today’s music industry, and its shameless focus on image and physical appearance, Li adorned herself in thrift store exploits and began creating music of her own.

Stumbling over the English language and colliding with every vowel sound, she has managed to create an incredibly moving album full of lyrical brilliance and engaging vocals. Using megaphones, clapping hands, and other strange instruments, her music is an out-of-the-ordinary approach to indie pop. Her songs manage to be both raw and natural while still being clean and relatively crisp. You have to give her a handful of plays before you love her, but if you allow yourself to click replay once or twice, I guarantee her soothing harmonies, buoyant beats, and enchanting lyrics will have you begging for more.

While her tracks are shuffle worthy, it’s her live performances that set her apart from the rest. She has this refreshingly low-key attitude that makes you want to be her best friend. Her vocals, when untempered, are so charmingly genuine that you feel like you are standing on a city street as buskers sing to you. Some say she sounds slightly out of tune or off key, but I can’t help feeling that her imperfections only add to her appeal.

Her song “I Follow Rivers” is the most juvenile of hymns that is carried by two concise and alternating choruses that manage to crawl deep within your skin. The words recount the tale of a girl falling for a man and following him like one would follow a river. I personally have never followed a river or found myself stalking an older gentleman, but her video makes it all seem very picturesque. 

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