Mark McAdam: Gay Sports Reporter Comes Out And Gets Naked

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September 12, 2014
6:00 a.m.

BwhziTuIMAAYytw_0Story Courtesy Of Ross Von Metze

“I don’t know of any other gay sports reporters … there’s nothing to compare this to,” Sky Sports correspondent Mark McAdam told Gay Times during his coming out interview with the magazine.

According to, Mark McAdam has been a sports reporter with Sky Sports for seven years and says he battled with his “sexuality for years and years,” and was bullied and physically harmed while he was in school.

“Only gay people will ever understand the trauma you go through about accepting your sexuality,” Mark McAdam said. “The reason no Premier League footballer has come out is because of the fear … and the football clubs know billions and billions of pounds are at stake.”

Of course, now that Mark McAdam has a successful career, he’s managed to develop a thick skin and a sense of humor, telling Gay Times: “I watch football, I watch the darts, I sit around and scratch my bollocks and p*ss on the toilet seat. And I’m gay”

And then, of course, there’s the photos that accompany his coming out interview. Like many a hot sports figure before him, what’s a coming out interview without a half naked photo to go along with it?

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