Middle East Piece: Guy Spy’s Man for May

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
May 7, 2011
11:47 a.m.

Eliad Cohen didn’t start out as a gorgeous gay model. The 23-year-old Israel native spent three years in the Army, where he had no personal life until he became the gym trainer of his unit, and then met his first boyfriend (“the commander of another unit”). While that sounds like the beginning of a Raging Stallion video, it’s life for many gay men in Tel Aviv.

He’s lived in the city for three years now, “out” and about, and quite happy to show his true colors. “Tel Aviv is a very liberal city with many gays. Often you can see gay couples walking hand in hand and kissing on the street.” Cohen ads that, unlike other major cities, “In Tel Aviv there is no special place for gays; you see them all around the city.”

Before you check your passport and book a flight, you should know that Cohen’s dance card’s pretty full. In addition to modeling (he landed the cover of the “Spartacus 2011” guide), he’s still a fitness trainer, and he’s a businessman, creating an online site, Gay-Ville.com, aimed at helping gays find cheap accommodations all around the world. Says Cohen: “It also gives you the information about the parties, the events, and the main attractions of the place you’re visiting.”


There’s no guarantee you’ll find Cohen at the parties, but hold your breath: Cohen’s never been to the States, and just might need a tour guide when he gets here. He loves to hang out with friends, he loves to go to the beach, and he loves to party!

If that’s not enough to make him the Dating Game’s Bachelor Number One, Two, and Three, it certainly makes him GuySpy’s Man for May.

As soon as Eliad Cohen hits New York, New York, my gut tells me everyone’s going to start spreading the word! heart

Photographs: Tony Reshef. Think you have what it takes to be Guy Spy’s Man of the Month? Send me an email at David@DavidToussaint.com telling me why, along with any appropriate photos.


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