Miranda Sings Is Really Helping Jerry Seinfeld With His Career

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December 3, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Seinfeld worked as well as it did largely because Jerry played the ultimate straight man at the center of a cast of weirdos. His character isn’t funny without the George Costanzas of the world constantly freaking out around him, and they get funnier the more he futilely tries to reason with them. That’s why a solo Jerry Seinfeld really needs Miranda Sings.

Miranda Sings, the alter ego of comedian Colleen Ballinger, is Seinfeld’s first Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee guest from the Internet. She hosts what he calls “a hugely popular YouTube channel, show, whatever the hell it is” (Jerry is totes hip) with more than 2 million subscribers.

She’s an arrogant YouTube “singer” who covers songs and gives lessons, completely oblivious to how bad she is. Her “haters” are just jealous and need to “back off.” And she’s in character for this entire episode, which means all Seinfeld has to do is play it straight.

The chemistry between these two is that there is no chemistry, just a very thin pretense of trying to be nice to one another.

The Comedians in Cars episode came out on YouTube Monday, and Seinfeld and Miranda Sings continued their double act on the Tonight Show that night, where they were forced to work together in a game of Pictionary:

The game didn’t go very well, obviously. Which means the bit went extremely well.

If he keeps letting Miranda Sings help him with his career, this Seinfeld lad could really go places someday.


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