Murray Swanby and Alec Leddy Get Naked For AC

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August 22, 2014
6:00 a.m.

tumblr_namhibSLNH1s1a58yo1_500Story Courtesy Of Queerty Editors

What do Andrew Christian models like Murray Swanby do when they’re not getting naked, simulating gay sex or working out?

They play games, of course! Games that include getting naked, simulating gay sex and working out.

Join trophy boys Murray Swanby and “Alec Head Bitch In Charge” (who is actually a gay porn model named “Jamison,” nsfw) below for a rousing game of “Someone’s Getting Naked Challenge.” From what we gather, this challenge consists of models accepting performing tasks written on sheets of paper they’re pulling out of a hat. Whoever performs the task poorly must remove an item of clothing.

The whole thing lasts around 7 minutes. But we suggest fast-forwarding to the 6:15 mark because, let’s face it, you’re only here to see these guys take their underwear off:

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