Murray Swanby In The Marcuse Ibiza White Brief

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October 5, 2015
5:00 a.m.

It’s only on the rarest of occasions that The Underwear Expert favors a white brief, and our Editor’s Pick: Marcuse is one of them. Why? Because the Ibiza White Brief is hardly a white brief at all. It’s designed with a trendy print that makes a splash with a unique surfer graphic. (Forgive the pun.) While the print is cool, what really grabs our attention is its bold use of orange and striking asymmetrical shape. In what’s easily the Ibiza White Brief’s strongest feature, an orange wave crashes on the right-hand side and brings a sexy amount of attention and curve to the pouch – and by default, the curve of your package.

Marcuse typically has a stylish athletic vibe going on, which The Underwear Expert admires and appreciates. But the brand’s Ibiza Collection is truly surprising, and not just in comparison to the Australian brand’s line-up of underwear. We’ve seen more than our fair share of floral prints and summertime graphics, but the Ibiza Collection does them all one better with a bit of an urban edge. Think: sanctioned street art along an Australian coast.

The balance of colors is also incredible and tasteful. The orange doesn’t overpower, and the white serves as nothing more than a backdrop for the stunning printed graphic on the front. Around back though, the brief is entirely white, which we let slide because it keeps the draw on the asymmetrical design of the print.

Even if its starting to cool off in your area, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with your underwear. Wear them under shorts while you still can, preferably something tan. And when the cold weather actually does hit, wear the Ibiza White Brief as a personal escape.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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