Music Guyd: A Ginger Bitch Named Neon Hitch

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

February 18, 2013
6:26 p.m.

With bright red hair, an electric personality, and a name like Neon Hitch you really have to wonder what this fierce British sensation is trying to say. After launching her new EP, Happy Neon, and reaching number one on the dance charts for the second time, Hitch took the time to chat with me about everything that goes on underneath.

For anyone new to this ginger’s unrelenting appeal, there is really no talking about her music without mentioning her unbelievable past.

I will try to break it down as quickly and painlessly as possible. The day of her birth her house burned down. Her family was forced to pack up what little belongings they had left, follow a traveling circus, and live a life on the road.

After running away from home at 16 she moved in with a friend who later became known as Amy Winehouse. The two of them were both on the rough road to fame and fortune. After constructing an online presence, the charismatic young Hitch was contacted on Myspace and asked to write a song for Ke$ha; “Blah Blah Blah”! After the song helped make Ke$ha who she is today, the momentum only progressed.

So as I was saying, the back story is a little important.

Her debut EP, Happy Neon, was dropped last month with rave reviews and a brand new spirit. The album is said to be a tale of “freedom” and all the fun that comes with it.

It’s [about the] freedom to fuck and live your life to the fullest!

Her song “FU Beta” is a sassy slap in the face about a boy who was once her boo. When her boyfriend broke up with her, Hitch made the effort to pull the upper hand and show how little she really cared by blasting him in a billboard-topping track.

I had my heart broken for sure. I really just wanted to be the powerful one. I wanted to have the power to be like “No, I can fuck you better.”

It worked! According to Hitch, the ex has been contacting her since the song was released.

Her next single, “Get over You,” was about a boy too. This one was a little less special.

It’s a different [boy]. One I actually was over. [Music has] always been a healing process for me. It just [makes] me feel so good afterwards. It’s therapy.

Since Hitch was close with Winehouse, I wanted to hear a little bit about what she learned from that relationship.

She was a beautiful soul. She was like a big sister and she took me in when I had nowhere else to go.

[She taught me] that the music industry is a very dangerous place. You have to be really, really strong to survive it.

Since the music industry is a crazy circus at times, I was curious to know if it was any different than the traveling circus she was raised in.

Honestly, it’s not that different, to be fair. It’s kinda the same. I am still jumping around like a crazy bitch on stage.

When asked what part of her crazy journey was the most influential she laughed.

Different paths have different lessons. I had an extreme journey and it’s really just begun. You never know when it’s going to be over so just fucking keep fighting.

Whether it’s her flaming red hair, unfiltered candor, or crazy past, there is something special about Hitch that makes her one in a million. You can buy her brand new EP, Happy Neon, on iTunes.

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