Pablo Hernandez’s Banana + More Underwear Models

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The Underwear Expert

January 21, 2015
6:00 a.m.

The male underwear models of the world were busy this week. Halfway through the first month of the year, these men are keeping up with their social media—and keeping The Underwear Expert readers following avidly. If they didn’t follow Jason Wimberly, for instance, they would’ve missed his throwback Thursday post featuring Andrew Christian favorite Murray Swanby. They also would’ve missed Mark MacKillop dancing, airborne and naked, if we didn’t follow him.

In other news, Phil Fusco encountered some doorbell trouble, and someone reported Pablo Hernandez’s banana for being explicit. He handled the situation gracefully. Because no one should apologize for their too-hot-to-handle Andrew Christian undies.

You can see more male model Instagram goodness on The Underwear Expert.

instabanana2 instabanana4 instabanana1 instabanana3 wimberly

Photo Credit: Instagram

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