Pietro Boselli: 15 Times He Stripped For Your Viewing Pleasure!

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March 31, 2015
6:02 a.m.

Pietro Boselli Story Courtesy Of Alexander Kirk

Pietro Boselli is a science experiment gone very very right.

A model, a university researcher and one of the most perfect people I’ve ever set on eyes, Pietro somehow puts every other male to shame. Here are 15 times he stepped foot in front of the camera and proved himself as the perfect male specimen.

That time he literally did nothing but stare and made us all fall into a full blown panic attack

(Tumblr: basicallybrentt)

That time he competed in a fitness competition…

(Photocred: justusboys.com)

and most likely won because look at him – he’s flawless.

(Photocred: Thomas Mone photography)

That time his VPL was the last you even noticed…

(Photo by Darren Black)

…until the photographer sort of forced you to.

(Photo by Darren Black)

When Pietro was ousted as a university researcher…

(photocred: Cosmopolitain.com)

and proved he’s brains AND braun.

(photocred: Cosmopolitain.com)

That time he posed for Abercrombie…

(Photocred: Abercrombie and Fitch)

AND Equinox because only perfect people book both of those gigs.

(Tumblr: gay-rosa-parks)

That time his view was the view you wanted on a daily basis.

(Instagram: @pietroboselli)

When he wore clothes that only he could pull-off.

(Photocred: gq.com)

That time he changed your mind about armpits.

(Tumbler: anyobjections)

That time Pietro Boselli was quite literally clark kent – like wtf?!

(Tumblr: mensdear)

That time Pietro Boselli proved his beauty was timeless – looking like he dropped straight out of The Notebook.

(Instagram: @pietroboselli)

And finally the time you’ve never been more jealous of a rock formation in your life.

(Photocred: Abercrombie and Fitch)

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James Caron (Guest)
7 years ago

you are so hot Pietro Boselli