Christina Aguilera’s New Song from ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

Aristotle Eliopoulos
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Aristotle Eliopoulos
Pop Culture Guyd!
September 28, 2013
7:00 a.m.


I have to be honest, do gays even care about The Hunger Games movie franchise? When I went to see the first one, I didn’t really have a clue what the flick was about, so I was quite disappointed when it wasn’t a documentary about Jessica Simpson’s weight loss struggles. That being said, it looks like the new one will be a big blockbuster, and it looks like they do care about gays because they’ve got everyone you bitches want on this soundtrack: Sia, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Antony and the Jonhsons, heck, even Christina Aguilera herself.

Rolling Stone‘s website has the Christina preview for you guys to feel inspired about, and if you think for one second The Hunger Games isn’t about food, just check out X-Tina’s vocals. Girl was still eating dairy when she recorded that shit because we’ve got some nasal issues, for real.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack is out November 19th, and the movie will hit theatres November 22nd, so don’t fret – you’ll have enough time to learn the words to all the songs so you can sing along. It’s what Christina would want. Hit those high notes, baby.


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