Madonna On The Biggest Woman In The World… Herself

Aristotle Eliopoulos
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Aristotle Eliopoulos
Pop Culture Guyd!
October 4, 2013
2:46 p.m.


Can we talk for just a quick sec about how Madonna is totally on a roll this yearFirst, not only was she officially classified as one rich chick, but she threw herself into a secret project with Steven Klein that was sexy and confessional (quintessential Madonna, no?). Now we have Madonna writing a very awesome feature piece for Harper’s Bazaar in which the pop professional shares her highs and lows during her rise to fame, her notoriety as being the girl who chooses “dare,” and even talking about her difficulties during the adoption process of her son David. Madonna writes:

[Adopting David] was an eye-opening experience. A real low point in my life. I could get my head around people giving me a hard time for simulating masturbation onstage or publishing my Sex book, even kissing Britney Spears at an awards show, but trying to save a child’s life was not something I thought I would be punished for. Friends tried to cheer me up by telling me to think of it all as labor pains that we all have to go through when we give birth. This was vaguely comforting. In any case, I got through it. I survived.

Whoa, right? And that’s only one of the better parts of the piece, for reals. Read the full snippet over at Harper’s Bazaar and be sure to check out some of the photos from the spread in the magazine here.


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