Private Life: Colton Ford on Limits and Loss

Colton Ford
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Colton Ford

July 6, 2013
10:29 a.m.

IMG_1013I have been a little quiet lately due to a number of things. Having a career that places me in the public eye, which includes the social media component of my projects’ marketing and promotion, makes it very difficult to walk that fine line between letting people in and keeping some things private. I find myself challenged by that in my life right now.

I’m experiencing and dealing with multiple profound losses that have occurred over the past couple of months. They continue to shake my foundation and challenge me to stay centered, in the work, and in a loving, understanding, and caring place. I’m trying to do all of that at the same time I’m promoting my new album, discussing the things that make me The Way I Am, which is the title of my release.

There are things that I’m okay with sharing, and accept as part of the job requirements of what I do. At what point, though, do I say that this piece of my experience isn’t for public consumption? At what point do I have to look beyond the demands of my career and put in place boundaries that protect, not only my emotional journey of acceptance and healing, but also protect those loved ones that are a part of that experience? They did not sign up for this, as I’ve said in the past, and I have to honor that even if they may not.

I do feel an obligation to those people who support me, follow me and encourage me and my career endeavors. To them I am grateful and want to continue to let them in and show them who I am. I do, however, need to keep certain things that I’m going through right now private, so that I can process them fully, move through them and not play out any issues that are really no one else’s business but mine and the people in my life who are involved. Guess it’s all in the way that I deliver those boundaries to my fan base, but for right now, they are essential to my health and well-being and I hope that people will just understand.

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