An Afternoon With An Escort: Interview w/ Christopher Daniels

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
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February 24, 2014
6:44 a.m.

Moneys On The DresserAs I write this I am sitting cross legged in the back of a Starbucks two doors down from our office. I’m drinking my usual ‘decaf grande in a venti half sweet nonfat no foam no whip mocha’ and a strapping young man walks into the cafe and takes a seat. His hair is exceptional and his body is pristine, but it’s his eyebrows that play to his benefit. A perfect arch that brings an incredible air of mischief into the rest of his demeanour. I can’t be certain where I know him from but a man so handsome you can’t quite easily forget. I once heard a rumour he was an escort around town, but who really knows what’s fact anyways.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I would usually manufacture my best scowl for someone suspected of being in the sex trade. However, recently I did an interview with a somewhat prolific call boy who has recently published a collection of his most intimate tales in the trade. At first I was at a loss for what to ask him.

He was smart, though, witty, and of course devilishly good looking. He had an infectious lust for life that was almost contagious, as if talking to him, some of that same juvenile gayety could rub off on you. While I wasn’t sure what I was at liberty to ask, I think you will be interested to hear what he had to say.

What compelled you to write the book?

I really did want people to see what the life of a gay escort is like, it’s not something people talk about in our society. People honestly think our clients are billionaire boyfriends, and they are great looking. There is a little bit of that but it’s pretty gritty.

What would your advice be for someone looking to get into the business?

If someone is looking to be an escort I would say, think about why you wanna do it. Realize that it hinders any future plans for some job deals. And just go into it for the right reasons, not just the quick and easy money, even though that’s nice.

It’s not just about the money, if that’s the only reason you are going into it, it’s not going to be pleasant.

What have you learned from life as an escort that you use in your everyday life?

It teaches me a lot about patience. It teaches me a lot about dealing with people and their various quirks. Even though I am running a business as an escort it is a very personal and intimate business and it affects all the relationships in my life be them family, friends, or romantic.

What sort of person does it require to succeed in the industry?

You definitely have to like sex. You’re gonna have to realize that your life isn’t going to be Pretty Woman, and you’re not going to be fucking guys like Richard Gere. So you have to understand that that’s kind of part of what we do.

Was there one person who inspired you on your journey?

No, not at all. The reason I wrote this book was because going into it there was not really a lot of resources out there for escorts. I didn’t know any male escorts. Nobody really talked about it and it was never anything people spoke highly of. So I didn’t know any escorts who were put together, educated, and smart, until I started doing it.

What is it like to try to live up to people’s fantasies?

Last week I had a client who said “this is the first time I have had sex since I was sober. I haven’t had sex for years.” He hadn’t had sex since 1999.

I was like ‘Oh boy that’s a lot of fucking pressure.’ Honestly, I don’t even know how I deal with it because it makes you feel like you have to be perfect but you just kinda do whatever you can to get through that hour.

You spoke quite honestly about the addictive nature of receiving flattery and the affects it can have on you. You even went as far as to speak of your “pure unadulterated narcissism,” How does that effect the rest of your life?

It’s a daily struggle, you’re obsessed and you want to look better. And then you get the improvements that you were looking for. So, that’s part of it. I’m not sure about the narcism though…

In your conclusion, you said that you had to let go of a lot of the ideas of what sex was, what ideas were you letting go of?

I think that there’s a lot of them. The over all ones, for me personally are that sex outside of a monogamous heterosexual [relationship] was frowned upon. Things like porn and hiring an escort, those things are wrong. I was taught that being gay was wrong and that if you were gay you were going to hell. There’s so many men out there that are still trying to come to terms with their sexuality.

I go through periods of my life where I am having a lot of sex, in my personal life and in my work life. If I go away for a weekend I’m having orgies, fucking guys, and giving blowjobs, and I’m like “Oh My God this is so bad” but no it’s not. Sex is good and you should enjoy it.

It’s somewhat of an on going struggle, not as much anymore though.

If you would like to hear more about Christopher Daniels journey and encounters with various clients then you can read his book “Money’s On The Dresser” you can find more information here.

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