Retake: A Promising LGBT Film That Needs Your Help!

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Guest Guyd
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December 8, 2014
6:01 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of James Nichols

A new drama is in the works that takes a dramatic look at the lives of two queer people at crossroads in their lives.

Called “Retake,” the film follows a young male prostitute who is hired by a middle-aged man to embody a fake persona and accompany him on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon. While one of these characters is in some way trying to relive the past, the other is trying to forget it.

Currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign, this film boasts immense talent, including Luke Pasqualino of “Skins” fame, who plays Brandon. Kit Williamson, creator and star of the acclaimed Logo series “Eastsiders” and known for his work on “Mad Men,” will also join the cast as a fellow prostitute hustling alongside Pasqualino’s Brandon.

“Our challenge in casting Brandon was to find an actor who is not just incredibly talented but fearless,” Director Nick Corporon said in a statement. “Luke has established himself as a dynamic and bold performer. His vivid take on Brandon will surprise those who have been with him since ‘Skins’.”

Want to learn more? Head here to visit the Kickstarter campaign for “Retake.”

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