Robert Downey Jr.: Feminism Is ‘Make-Believe’; My Dick Is Huge

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November 9, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Madeleine Davies

During a student union address at Cambridge University, Ally McBeal guest star Robert Downey Jr talked about his dick size, looked visibly bored while taking questions and called feminism “make believe.”

In a pre-address interview with Cambridge paper The Tab, Robert Downey Jr was asked by a student reporter about the size of his penis. (Don’t know what you’re doing at Cambridge, kid, but I think you’ll have a great career in yellow journalism.) The actor’s response? “They don’t call me Throbbing Knob for nothing.”

Later, at the end of an audience Q&A in the chamber, Robert Downey Jr returned to The Tab reporter for one last question, seemingly hoping to, I dunno, talk about his dick again or something. This time, however, the student got serious, saying “Scarlett Johansson has never had her own superhero movie. Would you call yourself a feminist?”

“You bastard,” Downey, a new father to a baby girl, replied. “Yeah, that’s all make believe, son. Then again:

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.43.38 PM

 So it’s not like RDJ has the best understanding of what’s real and what’s “make believe.”


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