Music Guyd: Roxiny’s Love Path

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

March 24, 2013
9:17 a.m.

Life never seems to follow the path that we have projected. While some of us may see ourselves doing one thing, life has a way of making you try another. Roxiny, a Dominican singer/songwriter knows of the universe and its little tricks. After touring with Sony records as a member of the girl band Jzabehl, and poised to take over the Latin and English community simultaneously, the group was disbanded and her whole life had to change course.

Roxiny says the experience was “the best thing that has ever happened to me.” There were struggles along the way: “After I left Sony, suddenly all the money was gone.” She took that time to reflect on her life and allow the events that unfolded to inspire the music for her new EP. “Just being an artist, there is nothing worse than being suffocated [when] the true beauty of art is expression.”

Her most recent single, “Cheree,” a Suicide cover, is about a boy and the love that followed their first encounter. “I was on a date with this guy and he put on a song and it became the theme song for the relationship. I wanted the song to express the magical yet gritty feelings of the night. The feeling that everything is possible.” After the song was spread throughout the Internet and radio waves, members of Suicide gave her the nod or approval. “That meant so much to me.”

“When I write it comes from a very visual place. It is almost as if I can see the video in my mind.” The film is a compilation of vintage footage that shows both the romanticized and hidden sides of New York City, as well as a few of Roxiny’s interactions with the cityscape.

She giggled when I asked her if he knew the song was about him. “He absolutely knew, he even did the video for the project!” The two of them have a real love for each other and she says he is a “New York boy through and through.” Her muse has been a big inspiration in her music, just as her many experiences within the industry shape her.

While her fan base is quickly evolving, she says she will know she is famous “when I have to wear dark sunglasses.” This foyer into the musical world has been something very different from her first fight for fame. “It’s about getting a message across. The journey has totally changed.”

Roxiny lives on the philosophy that “love is the only religion.” Having spent her life following her military father and humanitarian mother around the four corners of the globe, her worldview has been shaped by foreign cultures and the wisdom they have to offer. When asked about her relationship with the gay community she gloated about all her fabulous gay friends. She is an activist against bigotry and says “no one has the right to dictate love.”

Her brand new EP was just released and is set up for a huge success.

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Jackyboy (Guest)
6 years, 8 months ago

i love this girl! she is so beautiful! i remember when she was still in jzabehl!!!! muy caliente!!!!!!!!