Rumours swirl around Apple’s March 2 iPad 2 announcement…

Jay Catterson
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Jay Catterson

February 26, 2011
5:54 p.m.


Hey hey, GuySpy fans! Jay here! So my last post was about how Google and Motorola have officially joined the tablet wars by offering up a competitor to Apple’s almighty iPad. Well now it’s Apple’s turn to retaliate when they announce their follow-up to the iPad on March 2, 2011.


So what do the rumours say about the new iPad? Well, it’ll be thinner and weigh less that the current version. Also, it will sport two cameras: one on the front for FaceTime video calls, and one on the back for snapshots and video. It will also pack Apple’s next-gen multi-core processor chip, an improved graphics chip, and double the RAM for a faster and slicker experience. But the jury is still out on whether or not the iPad 2 will have a high-resolution “Retina Display”; however, latest rumours point to the iPad 2 having the same 1024 x 768 resolution as the current models, but will have a improved, anti-glare screen that’s more resistant to fingerprints. Other rumours include an SD card slot and a bigger speaker. Also some are speculating that the 3G iPad 2 will be packing a dual CDMA/GSM chip so that it can run on multiple North American and international cellular networks.

So what do I think? I’m betting that the cameras will definitely be there, and that it won’t have the Retina Display. But who knows what surprises Apple will pull out of the bag. But I know this for sure: Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY A CURRENT VERSION iPAD IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS!!! If you do, you’ll be surely disappointed once Apple announces their latest and greatest tablet.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the new version will have come March 2!

What do you guys think? What features do you think iPad 2 will have? Will you pony up for the new iPad or will you wait to see what the other guys come up with after Apple makes their announcement? Comment below!



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