Scary Spice’s Brand New Flavor, By Connor Sobolik

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

November 1, 2013
8:54 a.m.

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We all remember the days when the Spice Girls took over the music world and then later the film world with Spice World. I was seven years old when they first broke out but I still remember trading Pokemon cards at recess and discussing which of the girls were my favourite.

While I certainly have a soft spot for Posh, my favorite has always been Scary Spice. Little did I know that, as an adult, I would have the honour of interviewing her. After eight years away from the music scene she is back and feeling better than ever. Scary is doing it her way!

Mel-BOn her new track.

Literally, we finished a taping of America’s Got Talent at around 11 pm and  then I went into the studio that night  and recorded the song. I am not backed by a record label at all, I am doing it independently. It was all me and on my own time, which was super quick! I wanted to bring something out that was fun and that had a feel-good factor. As soon as you hear the song you want to smile or you want to dance around your bedroom or get with your girlfriends on a Friday night and play it before you go out.

On her return. 

It has been eight years. But since March I have been judging America’s Got Talent and watching everybody perform week in and week out. Watching people perfect their act, perfect their performance, perfect their vocals. I was like “You know what? I wanna go up there. It’s about time I got up there.” And, literally, it all just happened in one night.

On her motivation. 

You know, for once in my life I am back in it, I am back in America. I have been in Australia for two years and before that the UK and I’m back with a vengeance. I was like, “For once in my life I am doing it all just for me and I am enjoying myself!” I am getting rid of all the excess baggage, all the negativity, all the preconceptions that people have of me and just enjoying life! Which is very rare; usually you only get that feeling in snippets or weekly. I am making sure that I have it continuously.

On the video.

I rip my clothes off and get rid of that office ‘do because I don’t want to go to work. I am shredding all that baggage, all that excess weight that we all have. Life can be really hum drum unless you just say to yourself, You know what? Today is going to be a good day. I am going to make somebody smile, I am going to tell somebody that they look good. I am going to feel good about myself. It is all about you and empowering yourself and everyone else around you! And that is exactly what the video is.

Who wouldn’t want to kiss themselves? I just did in my video! It was great, I’m a great kisser. Who doesn’t want to kiss themselves on a Friday night when they are all dolled up ready for the town.

On her kids. 

My fourteen-year-old has been on tour with me and she was actually in the house party scene in my new video. Sometimes the girls will say, “Oh Mommy, look at your big wild crazy hair!” And they kind of laugh at me a little bit. I just make sure that my kids always feel confident about themselves and that they know they are well loved. And we just have fun! I try and have fun as much as possible. But I am very strict also. They tidy their rooms, they earn their pocket money, we all help loading the dishwasher and doing the laundry. I am kinda regular like that.

None of them want to do music. They are all into sports. Maybe that will change over time. My youngest is two. After that is my six-year-old. She is more of a singer than the other girls, she walks around the house in her little tutu, singing away. But if you ask her what she wants to do she will say “I wanna play basketball” or “I wanna do track.”

On her relationship with the rest of the Spice Girls. 

We are all really supportive of one another. We are all very interconnected. We have known each other for twenty years so that bond is not easily broken. We all genuinely like each other, which I don’t think many of the bands can say. They are like family.

On what’s next. 

I have more singles, I am in the studio tonight, I am in the studio tomorrow night. I just wanna do music! I haven’t had this, like, urgency, this fire in my tummy, in eight years. Now it is stronger than ever. I am just going to keep on writing and keep on bringing out singles. I’m gonna go on tour and perform my songs live. Exciting times ahead.


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Frankkky (Guest)
7 years, 2 months ago

I love this video, I love her look! I love everything about her! Who couldn’t love Mel B? She is a Goddess!

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liam (Guest)
7 years, 2 months ago

Shes beautiful!!!

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Inactive User
7 years, 2 months ago

This video is awesome and so is Mel B. So wonderful to hear her singing again.