September Man of the Month: Brock Yuric Falls Back

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
September 1, 2011
12:20 p.m.


Brock Yuric, by his own definition, is not very interesting. “I’m in Ke$ha mode right now,” the 22-year-old Ohio homeboy tells me. “After college, dude, I just wanted to travel and party.” Perhaps the quietest man this “dude” has ever interviewed, Brock lives with his parents, travels around the world doing fitness modeling, and, when he has the time, makes a few hearts skip a beat.

“All I do is cook, eat, go to the gym, see my friends, and go out to bars,” says Brock on living with Mom and Dad. If at first that sounds dull—or heavenly—he adds, “It’s a lot more grounded, so when I travel and go to fucking L.A. it’s insane, it’s crazy. It’s nice to have the home base.”

Brock jokes that going home is like having a niece and nephew, as opposed to children of your own. “You give them back when you’re sick of them. My parents know that I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to sit around.” 

Contrary to Greek Mythology, Brock does work to get that body. He started dancing in gay and straight clubs while still in college, where, as a Theater Arts major, ballet was required. “Before I got to college I really sucked,” says Brock. “Ballet is fucking hard, dude. My fucking legs and ass were hard after those classes. That’s why I Go-Go danced. I did homework in the afternoon, rehearsals in the evening; I had no choice but to work in the clubs at night. I learned how to get rhythm.”

Brock’s also the only guy I’ve interviewed who could make the rigors of ballet sound hot. 

The Midwesterner doesn’t dance in clubs very often anymore (“My boots is collecting dust”), but he’s off to Bermuda next, L.A., and then, maybe Paris. When he gets back home, he’ll party hard with his friends, and hit the gym, where one workout partner rule is observed. 

“If you can’t lift more than me, it’s not gonna happen. You gotta be a big boy.” 

I’m gonna take a wild guess that a lot of boys are big right now…and interested. 


Guy Spy’s Man of the Month for September: Brock Yuric.

–David Toussaint



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