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June 24, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Shot by Ivan Valadez, the new Freedom Reigns Promo features a few of the brand’s latest apparel and activewear designs, and more than a few of their sexy swim looks. The Underwear Expert was given exclusive permission to follow five ripped Freedom Reigns models to their White Party 2015 hotel. And you better believe the team is packing. Not just in the obvious way, but with FR duffel bags full of the brand’s S/S 2015 Collection.

This time around, players on the Freedom Reigns Team include Sam Ortiz, Deny Darko, David Rest, Sam C., and Andreas Dutt. They pull up to the resort wearing their stylishly athletic Freedom Reigns attire. Deny and Sam C. arrive decked out in the Americana Line’s Sport Tank Top and Sport Shorts. But Sam Ortiz feels the weather more than anyone.

Sam pairs his Tech-Fit Workout Shorts with a bare, sculpted torso. We don’t blame him – it makes it that much easier to see the snazzy off-center drawstring on his shorts. If Deny and Sam C. would follow suit, you’d see that the Americana Sport Shorts are designed with the same stellar accent. It’s modern, asymmetrical, and never blocks the shorts’ sexy form-fit.

David Rest strips down to his fuchsia iCandy Low-Rise Brief in preparation for the next part of the Freedom Reigns Promo. Then he slides into the white Pump Speedo and joins the other team members. Low and behold, their clothes are gone too!

You can watch the Freedom Reigns video exclusively on The Underwear Expert.

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Video Credit: Ivan Valadez for Freedom Reigns

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