Soak Up Iago Labarta And His Abs Of ST33LE

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The Underwear Expert

January 18, 2015
6:02 a.m.

Adrian C. Martin is back shooting for Project One Studio, this time turning his eyes toward model Iago Labarta as well as underwear and swimwear looks by ST33LE. He’s photographed along a beach, not a cloud in sky, and poses against some rocky, rugged terrain. It’s got nothing on Iago’s body though. Every ST33LE swimwear look he wears rises (or lowers) to accentuate his waist. Then there are the legs. They’re cut high enough for Iago’s toned legs to move around freely. Where he goes, Adrian C. Martin and his camera follow. And the Underwear Expert isn’t far behind.

Iago has a stunning tattoo on the right side of his chest—a Day Of The Dead girl with bluish green ink around her eyes. The color of the tattoo is easily noticeable, and makes the dark blue ST33LE pairs look even better suited to Iago’s aesthetic and body. Still, there is no pair more striking in this photo shoot than the red swim brief. Its coverage is full yet minimal. Its bright color plays up Iago’s dark hair, pushing that tall-dark-and-handsome thing he has going for him even further. If we had to pick a look for Iago to stay in, though, it would be the black swimwear. Effortlessly sexy and, because it’s black, a little fancy, this look is what we’d hope to catch Iago in, maybe running along the beach. Maybe just standing there looking pensive and hot.

You can see more stills from this photo shoot over on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin


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