Something For The Weekend: San Frandisco (The Moment)

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
October 18, 2013
10:48 a.m.

2013 has seen a bit of a Disco Renaissance with Daft Punk’s new album, the iconic summer anthem of ‘Get Lucky,’ Nile Rodgers’ “Chic” headlining major UK festivals, and tons of Donna Summer remixes thrown about for good measure.

If you loved all that, you’re going to love this instalment of Something For The Weekend just as much! GuySpy are happy to present Matt Thomas (Mosquito) and his awesome debut single, “San Frandisco (The Moment).”

Matt started buying records as a kid, with 70s radio tunes, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and disco becoming favourites. This developed into a passion for funky guitar, synth pop and electro – all influences that you can hear in San Frandisco.

Us guyspyers in the Northern Hemisphere are firmly in Autumn territory now, however this summery track is brightening up my days whenever I hit play. It has a sexy groove that is ridiculously addictive! Now for a few words from the man himself, Matt Thomas (Mosquito)…

San Fran 2

Matt Thomas (Mosquito) and vocalist, Rob Elliott

 Matt Thomas (Mosquito):

“San Frandisco (The Moment)” is a melting pot of all my favourite parts of dance music, Nile Rodgers guitars, House beats, funky bass and synth pop sounds, all enhanced of course with the beautiful falsetto voice of Rob Elliott shimmering on top, and the amazing hook he came up with on our first ever recording session. Rob says about his inspiration:  “I just imagined sauntering around San Francisco, checking out hotties, catching the eye of a hottie, going up to a hottie for a dance – feeling good as the evening unfolds.”

The amazing remixes by Matt K, Nev Scott, akaADAM and Cool Like Daddy all add another dimension to the original Mosquito sound.


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8 years, 3 months ago

one of the best songs ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!