Style Guyd: Barque-ing Up the Right Tree

Jorge Gallegos
Authored by
Jorge Gallegos
Social Media Manager & N.Y.C. Community Manager
May 22, 2012
3:02 a.m.

Barque New York is a modern interpretation of classics

Being trendy no longer means emptying out your bank account. Nowadays, we’re seeing designers creating affordable collections without lacking style. Barque New York tops the list.

Barque is designed for the everyday man who is looking to update his conventional wardrobe with something fresh and contemporary, at the same time staying grounded in the traditions he grew up with.

Inspired by nature and the way a garment moves with the body, Barque’s Spring 2012 line is a vibrant mix of eccentric accents and casual luxe. Nautical influences are combined with polka dot patterns and floral prints, bringing together an impeccable, fitted, modern look.

Barque takes the classic American menswear to the next level, full of character, stye, and luxe, and all within your budget. See the rest of the collection at


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