The Blitz Party, London: Party Like It’s 1941!

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
December 28, 2013
3:00 p.m.

As anyone who knows me even half-well would tell you, I love to party, and I love to dress up. I also love a man in uniform, so when I heard about The Blitz Party, a 1940s WWII themed party in London, I knew I just had to check it out. My aim was to take home an RAF Officer. Or maybe a soilder. Or a Sailor. Actually, anyone hot in a uniform would be fine!


The Blitz Party has a strict dress code, which means you’ve got to make an effort. But this also means that EVERYONE looks the part, which creates a truly fabulous atmosphere. As London is the vintage clothing centre of the universe, finding a suitable outfit just requires a bit of hunting around markets, charity stores and vintage shops.

However I was in a rush, so I went to probably the best costume suppliers on the planet – Angels Fancy Dress. These guys supply TV, movies, theatre, as well as the general public, and they have every costume a boy could wish for. From Henry VIII and the Tudors to WWI, WWII, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Circus, Sci-Fi, the list really is endless.

These guys have been dressing the stars their costumes for over 170 years. And I was in for a treat!

I was asked what kind of costume I was looking for. I said, my dream costume would be a WWII RAF (Royal Air Force) officers uniform, but anything vaguely WWII would be fine…

Angels 1

Within about three minutes I had a full 1940s RAF uniform! From the hat all the way down to shoes from the period. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Angels 2

I was heading to the party with my flatmate Kelly. We had time for a few snaps in the garden before we left… How do I look guys?


The party was held at the awesome Village Underground venue in Shoreditch. The attention to detail was breathtaking, with everything set up as it would have been in a huge 1940s party/air raid shelter. All the drinks and cocktails were 1940s themed too. Time for a stiff one?


With two live bands playing Jazz, Ska and 1940s hits, the party was soon in full swing.


I spoke to as many of the handsome uniformed guys as possible. I had a good excuse – I needed photos for this article! I even managed to get a boys number – although it felt pretty strange getting my iPhone out (not very 1940s…)

army guy 111

Here’s a selection of some of the other hotties at The Blitz Party!





I left the party at about 3am and headed to the gay club down the road, East Bloc. I can highly recommend going to a gay club in London dressed in 1940s military uniform – I’ve never had so many drinks bought for me!

The next Blitz Party is New Years Eve!

Get tickets here

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Last four photos by Sin Bozkurt

Other photos by Danny Hilton and Kelly Wise


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