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October 23, 2015
5:00 a.m.

The new teamm8 campaign takes us back to basics with a sexy yet understated photo shoot. The campaign presents Jose Pedro Mascarell modeling some of our favorite items from the new teamm8 collection. Photographer Karim Konrad photographs Jose with subtle lighting and in muted colors, giving a seductive and almost sensual perspective on the new teamm8 underwear and sportswear collections. As if we weren’t intrigued by teamm8 already; this photo shoot has made their new collections nearly irresistible.

Shot in front of a plain, dark background, Jose is seen posing in a pair of teamm8 Super Low Briefs. The super low rise fit of these tempting briefs accentuate the hips flawlessly. These super stylish briefs feature a subtle logo waistband which keeps in tandem with the understated theme of the shoot. The black and white photographs also add to the subdued and delicate nature of this teamm8 campaign; avoiding all distractions and allowing us to focus on the underwear.

In a more moody and delicate lighting, Karim also photographs Jose outside in a pair of teamm8 Sprint Shorts, Hang Shorts and Rider Sweat Pants. The moody color scheme allows us to see these athletic pants as more than just a practical workout gear, but also as stylish and comfortable articles of clothing. The Sprint Shorts fall near Jose’s upper thigh, where as the Pants and Hang Shorts prove to be just as easy and comfortable as they are slick and fashionable.

The teamm8 campaign also reintroduces the teamm8 Mate Brief, which Jose is seen wearing underneath his Rider Sweat Pants and also on their own while paired with a ribbed-tank top. The Mate Brief is looking better than ever in an even lower cut. The super low-cut feature gives it more of an edge, without having to compromise on its super-comfy fit.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Karim Konrad

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