The Must List: Sand Blast Weekend, Asbury Park

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
July 16, 2013
3:16 p.m.

As a lover of country resorts and former Fire Island fiend, I never put much thought into Sand Blast weekend—and the staff at GuySpy know that I’m kind of a gay, straight shirt, get-home-by-11-to-walk-my-dog kind of guy. So when I first heard about Sand Blast weekend in Asbury Park, I rolled my eyes and went back to sleep.


Until last year. I had to hit the town for an assignment, and like a kid in a candy shop, wanted to cry when I was forced to leave the sweets behind. For guys like me, the thrill of Sand Blast is in the casual beach community that offers activities galore in a charming seaside town. You don’t have to spend the day in Speedos rocking out to the DJ (but, hey, Tony Moran and Hector Fonseca are in the house, so get up on the dance floor!). And you don’t have to worry that someone else has a better summer share.

Sand Blast has a true communal feel, with guided bike tours, art gallery walks, pool parties, dance parties, a burlesque show, and… need I go on? Oh, yeah, lots of handsome dudes. Seriously handsome. And last year there were 4,000 of them. Like the love children of Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. And you know, half-naked. The kind of guys who tempt me to let my dog fend for himself.

The creators of Sand Blast like to compare it to a gay cruise because of all the activities offered. While I understand that line of thought, I think of it like Disney World. When you’re done with the rides, find your hotel for the real thrill. Tinker Bell never saw so many fireworks.

Sand Blast hits Asbury Park this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the 19, 20, and 21st. For more information on Sand Blast, click here. Oh, and if you see me this weekend, don’t be a stranger. My dog doesn’t bite, but I might…


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