The Young Professionals Interview: “You Never Really Know What’s Inside Your Lovers Head” By Connor Sobolik

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

March 20, 2015
6:03 a.m.

You guys might not be able to believe it but the sexy yet insightful Israeli band, The Young Professionals, were actually my first ever music interview back in 2012. So naturally when I was asked if I wanted to chat with the unbelievably talented Ivri Lider to talk about their new track and all the stuff they have coming, I could not have been more excited. If you haven’t seen their new video yet you will definitely want to change that because it’s quite the trip. (Full interview below the video) 


I really love the new song All Of It But Me, it’s got this epic dance beat to it that makes you wanna move. Yet it’s got some pretty intense subject matter, what inspired the song?  

Thank you :} The idea behind the song is that this feeling you never really know what’s inside your lovers head, and although there’s a lot of different things there you’re not one of them….

When you wrote this song did you have someone in mind? Do you think  they would know the song is about them?  

Well, someone specific probably influenced that song and sparked that feeling… If they know is a good question, maybe if he bothered to read well enough into it.

The imagery in your new video is pretty incredible, who came up with all those crazy cut away shots and what inspired them?

The director of Guy Sagy together with his team of stylists came up with all that cool imagery because we where talking about a visual way to describe someone’s thoughts and fantasies. We were trying to go for something out of the ordinary, the way dreams or your subconscious can be.

Which of them is your favorite?

I think it changes every time you see the video… I would say the diamond face man just for the fact it took 4 hours to create.

What made you decide to do the whole video in black and white?

We love black and white, it’s classic and crazy at the same time and it adds to the feeling that it’s a place that’s not the “real world.”

How would you describe your fans?

It’s nice to see that all kinds of people can connect to what we do on different levels… some through their legs and some through their heads, or both.. People who love electronic music and pop music with lyrics that are not just about simple the “I love you and I wanna dance in the club.”

If there was any one band you would like TYP to follow in the footsteps of who would that be?

We would probably say the pet shop boys for all those smart amazing pop songs they have written and for the clever imagery both in their video and albums and also in their live shows.

You guys are breaking into the American music scene and people are loving it! What’s something your music brings from Tel Aviv that we don’t have in America?

We feel like the Tel Aviv music scene is interesting because it has a big mix of cultures from all over the world, from America and Europe to the Arab countries and all those cultures bring different sounds and beats. When you grow up here, as a musician you’re very influenced by all those different styles. We feel like you can find all that in our music.

What does your guys’ creative process look like?  

We usually write the music together in the studio and a lot of the lyrics while we travel around and experience things. Sometimes when we are apart and busy with other stuff we will write apart using Skype or just sending each other files and ideas..

Has it evolved since you started working together?

Yeah a lot, we learned to work together and we keep getting better at it!

What inspired the name “The Young Professionals?”

It was the name of the first song we wrote together and when we decided to form the band we thought it actually describes a lot of the ideas, the world, and the people we where writing about.

The last time we spoke you were promoting 20 Seconds in 2012, what has changed since then?

Working on our second album as artists of Universal is a bit different, we get to work with great people from the label and also more artists that we like and we have access to know. It opens the creative process and gives us more places to go.

Your lyrics are totally inspiring considering they are paired with such an upbeat sound, what made you decide to make your music dance style?

We both love up beat pop music and we feel that when it connects with some strong sometimes emotional lyrics it’s even better. There’s a great Israeli book about club culture called “Dancing With Tears In Your Eyes ” which is for us a beautiful idea because it can liberate you.

What else can we expect from The Young Professionals?

A really good second album :}

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