Theater Pick! The Judy Show: My Life As a Sitcom

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
July 22, 2011
9:47 a.m.


Summer heat got you sweating even more than lack of finances? Forget Broadway (and much of what’s playing) and head over to the DR2 Theater to check out Judy Gold’s one-woman sit-play “My Life As a Sitcom.” Gold’s fashioned a deliciously fun evening about life as a lesbian, being a misfit (she’s six foot three), and living with “Brady Bunch”-envy.

Yep, “My Life As a Sitcom” is Gold’s homage to the ghosts of television past, and it’s way funnier than anything on last fall’s network lineup. The comedian and actress has worked for Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show (two Emmys, natch!), and she’s got Bette Midler’s head writer for this production.

Gold sings (TV themes), she plays piano, and she conjures up the character of her mother so well you’d swear Mom was criticizing you from the stage. There are also tales of coming out and mothering two children, as well as her own frustrations with the industry and being turned down by Oprah, or, at least, Oprah’s assistant.

“The Judy Show: My Life As a Sitcom” doesn’t have delusions of grandeur or falling chandeliers or former super models taking over the leading role. It’s pure, slumber-party fun in a town that’s known for having great theater in the unlikeliest of places. So sit right back and you’ll hear her tale….

At the DR2 Theater, 103 East 15thStreet, through September 10. For more information and tickets, visit Judy Gold. Tickets are $65.00. yes


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