This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Bathhouse!

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June 9, 2014
2:22 p.m.


Story Courtesy Of Brian Webb

In the aftermath of AIDS epidemic in the 80’s, bathhouses got a filthy name. Literally, they are often perceived as a disgusting environment for creepy, old, fat, would-be dudes who are looking for quick fumble in a dirty locker room.

The modern bathhouse couldn’t be more different.

Bathhouses are clean, safe, sex positive environment

From twinks to jocks, and businessmen to geeks, there’s something for everyone in the modern bathhouse. For local guys looking to meet Mister Right (or Mister Right Now), a bathhouse offers an environment where you know that most people are there, looking for the same thing you are. For guys who are traveling and looking for a fun diversion for the evening, bathhouses offer an easier and safer environment than cruising bars, outdoor parks, or entering strangers homes.

Bathhouses offer a variety of services to their clients

Sure, there are lots of spaces, both private and public, where sex can happen, but bathhouses also offer places where guys can stay the night, if they choose, gyms where guys can work out, and many bathhouses offer individualized fun areas to spice up the sex that guys are having, including dark rooms, steam rooms and movie rooms.

Remember, safety is still primary

Just like with any other hookup, remember you have the right to refusal. If you are uncomfortable with another guy’s behavior, speak to the staff; bathhouses strive for a safe, consenting environment, and they will want to know if that’s being compromised in any way.

If a guy’s behavior makes you uncomfortable, even if it’s not something that you feel is serious enough that an employee needs to be involved, remember you have the right of refusal. There are plenty of other guys at the bathhouse if the guy you’re with isn’t meeting your needs. Walk away if you’re not feeling safe and respected.

Get thee to a bathhouse, and have a sexcellent time!

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