Top 22 Pics From San Francisco Furries Frolic!

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July 16, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Matt Baume / Furries Frolic In San Francisco

When the sun goes down in San Francisco, the creatures come out to play. Don’t worry, they’re not threatening: a cuddly bear, a gentle donkey, a few wolves, a bunny, and what might be a seagull (?) mean you no harm. They’re just regulars at Frolic, a monthly furries themed party at The Stud.

This month’s Frolic served as an after-party for one night of GaymerX, the queer-focused video game convention. Following a game-themed drag show and a cosplay contest, furry-friendly attendees headed into the heart of SoMa to dance the night away and sweat profusely.

Scroll through pics of some adorable furry fellows….

IMG_8424 IMG_8415 IMG_8410 IMG_8408 IMG_8406 IMG_8404 IMG_8400 IMG_8398 IMG_8395 IMG_8393 IMG_8391 IMG_8390 IMG_8383 IMG_8381 IMG_8380 IMG_8377 IMG_8375 IMG_8374 IMG_8372 IMG_8369 IMG_8368

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