Tristen ‘Caves’ For GuySpy: The Feature Interview

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

January 14, 2014
10:46 a.m.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.29.23 AMIf you are looking for an adorable pop artist who is going to follow the rules of the genre and stay within the lines you are not gonna find her here. Tristen is a spunky young artist with a carefree attitude and the sort of fresh perspective the genre has been waiting for.

Bouncing back and forth between indie pop and acoustic antics, she manages to touch on all the best aspects of the genres that surround her. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that button nose and adorable bob that make her so loveable. I had the pleasure of interviewing this ray of sunshine on everything from her wandering nature to her unbelievable album, Caves.

On her inspirations.

I am a songwriter first and foremost. That was one of the first things I was able to do as a child. I try to focus on a particular topic. Someone said to me “a good poet is just a reporter.” All we have is our own particular experiences and that’s what people relate to the most, after all. All of us have a lot of things happening to us that we have in common. We share our experiences. Ultimately, I am trying to write songs that are important expressions of our human nature. Things that everyone can agree on or maybe not agree on. That’s what I find interesting. I feel like over a long period of time what I am trying to do will become clearer to everyone.

On writing about specific people.

I have a funny thing where friends will always ask, “Is that song about me? That song is so about me!” Different friends will all think the same song is about them. I am writing about composite characters. It’s probably not worth being a song unless it’s kind of overarching characters. It’s a sentiment that I have experienced or other people have experienced. So, yeah, I would say that I write about people. I am inspired by certain people though. I am definitely pulling from my everyday. It’s all about finding that thing that is underneath everybody’s experiences. I have been guilty of those same things. It’s a good song if everybody can see themselves in it.

On tour life.

I love it. That’s like asking what I think about traveling. It is one of the most important things in me. Traveling is like going to college. It is an experience that can change you if you are open to it. I toured a good year and a half solid and I am pretty good at traveling now. I have little spots and special things I like to eat. It’s really inspiring to drive. When you fly you get in a missile and are shot through the air, then you arrive in this place and it’s great. But some of these places that you have to drive to when you are driving are so beautiful. To just get to even drive through and see all these places is so inspiring. For me that’s my main goal, everyday to be inspired.

On what is coming soon. 

Ugh, I have so much going on. I just don’t know how to get it all out. I’m working on a new record and I am not really sure when it will be done. You finish your record and it takes a really long time to put it out. In that time I already started something new. I have a new video coming for Catalyst and I am working on a third for Goldstar in march.


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