Watch And Download Madonna’s Entire ‘Secretprojectrevolution’ Film

Aristotle Eliopoulos
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Aristotle Eliopoulos
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September 25, 2013
3:01 p.m.

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Well, it’s here. Madonna’s “secretprojectrevolution” is available to view in its entirety, below, as well as an interview Madonna did with Vice Magazine on the project itself, courtesy of MadonnaRama.

The short film, directed by Steven Klein and Madonna, definitely gives me the same political vibes that were probably going through Madonna’s head during the American Life era, except now she knows how to work with a bit more symbolism. The video consists of Madonna narrating over a stylized black and white video of herself looking hot in a jail cell, as well as killing various, hot, shirtless men (hey, who says a revolution can’t be attractive?). Again, the video is below with a personal letter from Madonna about the video, but you can also download it, and the interview via Madonna’s Bittorrent website, by surrendering your email address. Diva la Revolution!

05_Letter from Madonna


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derleierman (Guest)
8 years, 2 months ago

I dig her intention. I think it is more than just another publicity stunt, in fact, she invested more on this project than whatever profits to earn from it, which is rather typical of pop artists.