Pop Guyd: Homorazzi’s Week in Review

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March 2, 2013
2:55 a.m.

Kelly Rowland Duets with Michael Bolton

No exaggeration, but we had to do a double take when we first read about this duet. This collaboration, while not the most out there, is definitely an unusual pairing. For some reason, we just can’t see Michael Bolton rocking out to “Commander” or “Motivation.” Can you? Perhaps the 60-year-old balladeer was more of a fan of Kelly Rowland’s Destiny’s Child catalogue. Maybe “Bootylicious” was his jam. Whatever the reason, a Kelly and Michael duet actually happened. We’re still in shock. Listen to it here.

Ellen Does a Live Commercial with Her New Underwear Model

Ellen DeGeneres picked her first ever spokesperson for her underwear line this week. Wasting no time at all, Ellen has put him to work in his first underwear commercial. This is no ordinary underwear commercial – it’s a live one. That’s right, Ellen had him standing on a rotating platform while she narrated for the commercial. Her narration prompted him to make certain movements like picking up a lucky penny, playing football, and even just flexing his arms and abs. Watch it here.

We Saw Your Junk

As part of Seth MacFarlane’s opening monologue performance at the Academy Awards this year, he performed a number called “We Saw Your Boobs,” where he listed off the many actresses that have bared their breasts in cinema. One man wasted no time at all in coming up with a retort video in which he flips the script and talks about actors who have done full frontal. The song is called, “We Saw Your Junk.” It’s actually really well done and it’s a great way to recall all of the men who have actually shown their “junk” in movies. Check out the video here.

Five Movies to See This March

With February over, we figured it was time to share five of our recommendations for films to check out this March. Of course, there are many new films opening in theaters; these are just the five that we’ve narrowed it down to based on our personal preferences combined with the buzz surrounding the films. Click here to check out the trailers.

Straight Guys Making Out at Gay Pride

Steam Room Stories is back with another video, this time the “straight” steam room regulars tackle gay pride and some of the things that go along with it. In order to fit in amongst the gays at gay pride, they come to the conclusion that they’ll have to appear to be gay themselves. In order to pull it off, they should make out with each other…and more. To clarify, one of the guys says, “Okay, so deep tongue kissing, you can grab my ass and rub on my junk…” Click here to watch the video.

Weekly Features

Since we’re a gay website, we love sharing a bit of eye candy. We post three regular features highlighting the hottest studs. Check out our picks for this week.

Weekly Crush: David A Gregory

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