Weekly Wine: Gewürztraminer Madness!

Cocktail Guyd
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Cocktail Guyd

September 18, 2013
4:06 p.m.

What’s the Buzz:  GEWURZTRAMINER! This wine is Re-DONK-ulous! Made in the Alsatian style (i.e. generous fruit flavor and richer, deeper body), this stunning, premium white is teeming with splashes of tropical fruits & flowers, fig, cantaloupe, & mango. But the snappy acidic pucker & high-polished minerals completely quench the palate!images

This wine pairs BRILLIANTLY with all Asian cuisine, spicy Indian or Mexican dishes, hams & salamis & sausages, all cheeses, smoked meats, and any fruit sauces, salsas, or chutneys!

Come try a bottle from the Keuka Spring Winery.

For more information, email TheDean@vinoversity.com. Vino-Versity is located at 1657 First Avenue, at 86 Street, New York City.


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