What we do now? Duppa bounce!!!!

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December 21, 2010
3:28 p.m.

2 big and tall men were seen sticking out of the hot and sweaty crowd at the MIA concert last night. They were jostled and sweaty but into the rhythm.
One minor fracas occurred when a roly poly party queen decided to use her bulk to motor through the crowd to the front. She hit one of the large men and was stopped in her tracks. After a brief but friendly explanation on politeness the girl and her party apologized and said “excuse me”. Even the young ruffian trailing the girls said ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’ to which the Sequoia of a man patted him on the ass and said ‘No problem’.

The irony of MIA’s performance of “Boys” was the highlight of the evening. She had he assistant bring about 40 boys on the stage for the song. While she sang about the idiotic and predictable nature of boys and how a male ruled world will be our destruction the crowd on stage jockeyed for the best position to be seen, were removing their shirts and giving the ‘what, what’.

Yeah, she’s talking about you there.

When she brought a gaggle of girls on stage for “10 Dollar” the crowd was treated to some boob pop-outage and the sight of a young androgynous boy revel in the fact that he was mistaken for a girl, landing him on stage next to MIA.


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