Who will be “The One?” Canelo vs. Mayweather- This Saturday At The MGM Grand Garden Arena

Morris Chapdelaine
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Morris Chapdelaine

September 13, 2013
11:03 p.m.


The subject of my next sports fantasy comes in the form of two boxers, Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez going head to head this weekend to see who is “The One.” I will be perfectly honest with you when I say that I know next to nothing about boxing, BUT I do know boys. And the thought of these two lookers going at it is enough to make me watch a match or two. But I want to know what you guys think? Are you impressed by the sexy eyes on Mr. Mayweather Jr. or are you swooned by this ginger’s strong chin and mischievous grin. Let’s take a poll shall we? Who do you think is most likely to win? Or lets be honest, who do you think is the cutest?

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All fantasy betting aside, the guys in the office have decided to make a full night of this match- and you really should too. Beers, buddies and boys- well, men really, especially when it comes to the fight between Canelo Alvarez & Mayweather Jr. We’ve picked a popular local pub that’s showing the fight and we’ve also decided to place some little wagers.

The best place to do that as far as GuySpy is concerned, is on MyTopSportsBooks.com. Aside from loving the name of this site, for past football and hockey games, we’ve found that they have the most accurate information and it’s laid out in a way that’s easy for even sports novices like us to figure out.

If Mayweather defends his title, he stands to make a cool $41.5 million. Now that’s a daddy worth bending over backwards for- so to speak. Maybe he’d even give up one of his color coded private limos for us to use in an upcoming Pride Parade!

At just 23 years old, Canelo is the underdog, with less experience but certainly as much passion. He’s got youth on his side and is lightning fast but according to all of my research, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is almost magical at avoiding punches.

As Fox Sports said today about Mayweather, ‘figuring him out is easy, but solving him is exceptionally difficult’, sounds like a typical twink/daddy relationship to me!

Tomorrow we all have the chance to see how it turns out, let’s just hope that punches to the face don’t end up doing too much damage…


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Jim_in_Miami (Guest)
8 years, 4 months ago

Suddenly I’m in to boxing! How’d you manage that Mr. GuySpy??

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8 years, 4 months ago