Why Is The World’s Largest Gay Club Still Closed?

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October 3, 2013
3:28 p.m.

4444444If you are like us and you loved partying at the largest and possibly best gay club in the world, Krave Massive, then you are probably wondering why it is still closed. Apparently the answer is simple, and gay.net has the scoop.

Story courtesy of Gay.net

“No one’s quite sure what’s going on with Krave Massive, the mega club that opened in June in downtown Vegas but closed just two months later.

Apparently, the former movie theater-turned-dance club lacked a sales tax permit, leading to its closure Aug. 30. There were delays and reports of cash flow troubles leading up to the June 15 opening, where only a small portion of the nightclub opened to patrons (it was supposed to have multiple dance rooms, a movie theater, and a live performance space). Regardless, the opening was heralded as a big first step for Krave Massive, touted as the world’s largest gay nightclub. But the joy didn’t last long and the club shut its doors before the Labor Day weekend.

Krave Massive is a lynchpin of downtown redevelopment, championed by mayor Carolyn Goodman and Zappo’s founder and urban enthusiast Tony Hsieh. The latest reports indicate one-time owner Kelly Murphy sold the club… to someone. No one’s saying who, but many are hoping its Hsieh, who is working to reimagine once moribund downtown Las Vegas into a thriving center where residents live, work, and play.

See our first look at the club here.”

Story courtesy of Gay.net


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